Photo to video Maker With Music app for android

Photo to video Maker With Music app for android

You have to change the pictures into videos give different types of animations and also put songs in it. But what I will tell you in this article is a straightforward and easy method and you don't have to do many steps in it, you can do all the work in one to two steps.

Photo to video Maker With Music app for android
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Video Photo Maker is a fun editor tool that allows you to edit and share your photos with music and love heart video effects to create stunning love music video slideshows and love stories. Song video maker can use up photos with photo video maker can make videos can add music to videos can edit photos used for videos can add love frames to video frames to your photo video Can set rate speed

Photo to video Maker With Music app for android
Credit By Google 


  • Easy-to-use editing tool
  • Powerful video editor
  • Quick to use editing tool in a minute
  • Select an image from the gallery.
  • Add your own music from your phone or device.
  • Save the video with HD quality and share the videos with your friends via Facebook and Instagram in etc.

  •  Saved and shared the animation effect and a video in friend's.

How to make a picture video with Songs on Mobile?

First of all, download an application the name of the application is "Song Video Maker - Photo Video" Tap on ready and after tapping on it there are options here there is an option to insert a video another option is to add photos You have to tap on the photos to insert and then here you go to the album on the side. After that, you have to tap on this button, the two buttons that are above, and click on this button, then this video will be created.

There is an option below for animation, how to animate images, meaning to change images to animation, and how to style them. There are automatically different types of animations, so clicking on it has different types of animations, one image after the other image shows a different type of animation.

Want to add music, want to add your own song, then simply tap on the music button, then all the animations will be done, from here you have to suck the song, tap on the one you want to play, then it will play. You can add songs from your side in this way, in addition, you can add pictures from here, if you want to add, you can tap on the add button, and add other pictures, in addition, there is a plus camera button. You can put it, then upload it, then the video you have will start to be made, and after that, when this video of yours is made, then these pictures of you will have been changed in the videos.

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