Auto clicker Automatic tap Android Application

Auto clicker Automatic tap Android Application

How to Use Auto Clicker: Apps Basically I will tell you guys how to use Auto Clicker which is a very good application if you know about their use case then you can benefit a lot from them. So basically I'm going to tell you guys how they can actually use AutoClicker

Auto clicker Automatic tap Android Application
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As you open them, you have to give access permissions here, so you have to give them the OK. Drag and drop to the access building tab, and the clicker is here, now you have to fire it, so if you fire it, it works properly, so basically there are two of them, life mode, and single mode One is the Like Multiple Like target mode,

Is two-clicker real and auto-clicker? People are using Q-Us. Two-clicker is actually an application. According to his requirement, he is setting it now, so it has automatically clicked, that means after five minutes of his time, he is touching the mobile screen, like a human touching the mobile screen or Putting a finger to touch, it doesn't need a finger or hand anymore, it's automatically touching the screen by clicking on it.

If you are using an application that you are scrolling down and you want it to happen automatically, it happens in this case, if you play them, then you will sand it again automatically. If you play it, you can see that the mobile phone will be automatically written and the message will be sent. It will remain so basically, this is an auto clicker, it works like this, you people just have to give them a like target, they are doing it themselves with the button, and it is being typed automatically like this. who can,

Auto Clicker helps you to tap anywhere automatically repeatedly as per the interval you specify.

Autoclicker does not require root access.

Have a floating control panel to start or stop the automatic faucet.

This is great for click applications.

Auto clicker Automatic tap Android Application
Credit By Google


  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Support multiple click points and multiple swipes.
  • Set the timer to run for as long as you need.
  • Can import/export automated scripts.


Only support Android 7.0 and above.

Accessibility service is required to work.

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