What is Google Play used for

What is Google Play used for?

You must have seen the Google Play Services app but do you know how important it is for your phone without it your phone can't run. Why does it take so many permissions and what will happen if we delete it or clear its data, we are going to talk about all this in this article.

What is Google Play used for
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What is the use of Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play It provides a basic facility like your Google service authentication approach Access to all the latest user privacy training High quality Low power On-site services Google Play Service is even better for apps. It means that if Google Play service is disabled or not present on your mobile, none of your Android apps will work.

Is Google Play Services necessary?

First let me tell you that this app is pre-installed in all Android phones, which means it is already installed in all phones and will not show up in the normal folder of your phone because it just runs in the background. ,

and it cannot be opened, but if you want to see it, you can go to settings and go to all apps, you can say that the Google Play service allows all the Google apps on your phone and the apps that you have installed on your phone.

Installed from the Play Store, it assists or manages them. If an app needs access to a Google service, such as Google Maps or Google Signup, then Google Play Service provides that service to it, for example, if an app If a user wants access to Google Drive, Play Service will give him that access. Basically, Google Play Service connects an app to Google's API. If you don't know the API, I'll give you a small

Let me try to explain with an example. If you want to make an online ticket booking app, then you will definitely need a map and location feature in it. So tell me how you will add a map and location in your app. So you have two solutions, one is you can create your own new map of satellite beach and then include it in your app, which is very difficult and expensive, and the other and easier way is to use someone else's map.

Do Google Play Services need permission
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Do Google Play Services need permission?

You can add Kmap to your app by paying some money to its owner, API works in the same way, with the help of API you can use someone else's service in your app or for the website. Either its creator is paid some money or some API is free to use. In addition, Google Play Services does not allow other apps to read your phone's sensor information. If you go to settings, you will see that it takes a lot of permissions because it has to service a wide variety of apps and if you disable any of its permissions, some apps on your phone won't work properly.

Can I delete the Google Play Services app?

So now you must be thinking about what will happen if we delete it, so let me tell you, there is no option to delete or disable it, which was earlier, but if you root your phone. If you delete it, if it is installed on your phone, it will not work at all, and gen apps are using Google's API, they will not work even if you clear its data. That data will be recreated after some time

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